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8th-Mar-2008 12:54 am - Small Update
girl on the chair
Hello lovelies, I just want to inform you about some changes in posting guidelines and rules - nothing huge.

[1] Added one more 'banning sin' which is:
"If someone posts photos of other members that were posted on stylesluts on some other community/journal without that member's permission you will be suspended for certain period of time and if you keep doing it you might be banned (depends on the 'crime'). And if you post on mocking or rating ones, you will be banned. Please respect other people and that little privacy we have on internet."

I added it to 'banning sins' and not just in posting guidelines, because that's what I noticed is happening on ESS. Members of ESS posting other member's photos on mocking comms etc. That is NOT nice. If I found out about it and who posted it, I'll ban them.

[2] Instead of Saturday, sale posts will be on Sunday (more boring day, haha). But since we don't have much sale posts right now you are free to post them any day. If we get more frequent sale posts, you'll have to post them on certain day so people can know when to check.

Love, Tam

P.S. To those who are using Photobucket they have new feature which is editing photos, so check it out! Looks good!
7th-Mar-2008 11:42 am - wholesale corsets
Not sure how many of you ladies would be interested but I'm running a wholesale corset order over at some hair forums (heavenly hair - http://www.extra-muffins.com/hair/viewtopic.php?t=14537 I'm MissBitty there)

Corset info can be found here : http://www.corsettailor.info/index.php?pr=Home_Page

There have been a bunch of orders from them on HH so its not one of those wholesale scams, they are real, well made, steel-boned corsets.

Comment with your thoughts and if you'd be interested.

Order would take place on April 11th so its a ways off. That is also when payment would be due (it would be via paypal).

not sure if this counts as a sales post? if it does feel free to delete! and i'll post up again on saturday.

EDIT: Looks like there are at least a few people interested. I will post the details up on Saturday as it will be more of a sales post than this is.  But for now I will say Order/payment deadline is April 10th and I will be making the order on April 11th. In the mean time check out the corset site and drool a bit!
24th-Feb-2008 11:44 pm - Promo buttons! :)
girl on the chair
Hey lovelies, here are some promo buttons :D. I'm still in search for right graphics to make buttons from, so this is just temporary, first-hand. So if any of you wants to help promote this community pick some of these.
Just right click in this little box, Select All, copy and paste in your journal profile or sidebar and that's it! :D Thank you! ♥

both made by lovely doomed_box

And resized (in two sizes) default stylesluts icon

24th-Feb-2008 01:10 am - Monster (mini) Golf!
bite me
Oh man... just... ok me and my Haunter Family (me and people who work on a haunted hayride) got together and went to Monster mini Golf! It's so much fun if you live near one round up some friends and go! It's entirely blacklight and everything is in dayglow and ... its just fun man... its just fun... There are loads more details in my journal if you want to read about it! (or will be after i finish updating here!

So! Any way I was planning on wearing my black pleather corset until I found out we were going to eat - which is not an option in that thing xD I'll know if i ever gain weight... i wont be able to put it on it's EXACTLY my waist size (XS) from Lip Service, one half inch bigger and it wont fit. But that's what makes it so sexy!
I've had that shirt for years... and I've had to re-sew it together over and over like 10 times It's my pink pirate shirt - i love it

So yeah - HEELS and HAIR under the cut ;D

heels and hair and ribbons oh my!Collapse )

C'est fini... for now ;D
21st-Feb-2008 09:07 pm - when in vegas....
hi all!

just a couple quick pics of me in vegas :P

i thought the plastic-y pants were a good idea until... i fell asleep in them ;)


pink heels & plastic pants ;)Collapse )
20th-Feb-2008 05:08 pm - New black corset
Looking fab
hey hey! received my 89 €-corset today. i'm very happy with it, and had to share my excitement :D

i want my innocence back and if you can't pacify me, i will break your bones, you think i'm bluffing, just try meCollapse )

6th-Feb-2008 12:16 am - Weakness!
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
I went to Ross (a Marshalls/TJ Maxx type store) tonight with my roommate to get a dress for the Winter Ball that's at my school this Saturday. While she was trying on dresses, I was looking at the shoes, and walked out...

with a new pairCollapse )

While we are talking about shoes, I mentioned in my 1st post that I would post pictures of my other shoes.

So here they are!Collapse )

Finally, here is a picture of one of my other kitties, Jake.

3rd-Feb-2008 09:59 pm - xposted. sorry
so the other day i scored at the thrift store...which NEVER happens to me!!!


i got this jacket. a demin biker jacket. a polkadot dress. bag of zippers. bag of buttons. old whiskey jar. under $20!!!
more with a recon.Collapse )
1st-Feb-2008 04:00 pm - Sick Days + Puppy
I might be the only one, but you know when your too sick to really go out and so you stay at home and play "dress up" anyways? Do your hair and makeup just for something to do? 

Well today was one of those days for me. 
Also I decided since so many others have done it I should show you guys my baby :) 
31st-Jan-2008 03:53 pm - horray for shopping!
So my wonderful fiance, accidently shrunk pretty much all my pants. And considering I've put on about 8lbs recently, I had to get new ones. So I took the change to get some other goodies as well. I haven't been shopping in AGES and it kills me, so I had to treat myself to a few things right? ;)

30th-Jan-2008 06:16 pm - Holy Neon Pink Batman!
bite me
I warned you you'd see me again soon!
WWE Supershow = Mini skirt in January & the coolest coat ever!!!

So you wanna know what I'm talking about?Collapse )
26th-Jan-2008 10:03 pm
Apparently it's International Take-A-Picture-of-Your-Outfit Day, so here's my outfit of the day...

Dpt dpt dpt on your mobile phone...Collapse )

Also, I've lost my tripod, so I had to ghettorig one on the kitchen counter and stuck my cellphone and a lighter under the lens to keep it from tilting. That's some skillz.
25th-Jan-2008 05:37 pm - New stuff
Looking fab
Got new stuff today..... *shrugs* I guess that's always worth an entry ;)

Marilyn!Collapse )
24th-Jan-2008 07:35 pm - Pinstripe Dresses & Bleached Hair
bite me
I bleached part of my hair! and I figured I looked good today so check it out!
I had to look decent because I had to go meet my sponsor for my internship at the lab it's gonna be awesome <3 I still didn't exactly look.... "normal" but i figure they should get to know my style right off the bat cause they're going to have to see it quite often come spring time lol!
Oh! and- pink fishnet shirt w/ that purple corset so I'm issuing another boob warning xD

New Hair, Old DressCollapse )
23rd-Jan-2008 08:35 pm - Just In case :)
I dont know how many of you follow or are interested in high fashion but www.style.com has up the spring 08 couture lines and I am kind if thrilled about them :)

and knowing how many of you are also eyeshawdow sluts there is as always some pretty badass runway makeup such as. 

Just to give you a little preview here ya go.  (though I am enforcing this as fashion not makeup I swear!)

(also I'll be doing my personal ranting and raving in my journal so if you want to discuss feel free to friend me - though I warn I can be kind of rediculous)
20th-Jan-2008 03:03 pm - random...! :D
my 2nd entry! yay!

nothing specific...

i went to a club near my house in mississauga yesterday (anyone from the Toronto, Canada area knows what i'm talking about and KNOWS it's not a place to go clubbing!) and i was so embarassed because i was "old" there (everyone was 19, 20 TOPS!). hence, me "hiding in the picture!"

i liked my outfit anyways :P

and for laughs... 2 of my fav tank tops from the summer below :P

the battle of the POPSICLE vs HOT DOG tank top!Collapse )
19th-Jan-2008 08:45 pm - One of my Favorite shirts!
clickyCollapse )

What's one of YOUR favorite shirts? Post a comment of it, I want to see! XD

Amor y Sacadores.
19th-Jan-2008 10:52 am
hi hi again.
couple OOTD's, oh yes'm.Collapse )
19th-Jan-2008 02:36 am - New Hair
Guy Love
I had my hair cut today.

New Haaaaaaair! Mini-timelineCollapse )


I'll probably x-post this to two other communities, so don't be surprised if you see it again! ^____________^
19th-Jan-2008 11:33 am
I have been telling sound_of_vision  that I would post here since the community started. I'm slow with my camera, and I have been in a fashion slump these past weeks stuck at home on school break. I really need Uni to start again so I have something productive to do.

Anyway! I'm Jess. I'm a 21 year old massage therapist/student from Melbourne, Australia. My style ranges from casual jeans and a cute tee to quite eccentric. I'm a novice tribal bellydancer, and I'm afraid I can no longer tell the difference between a time appropriate to wear my costume and a time not to. I often incorporate parts of my costume such as pantaloons (love!), 10-yard/tiered skirts, gypsy tops, hip scarves and belts into my daily attire. I'm also a massive denim lover, and enjoy wearing jeans a lot.

I even sneak bellydance into my work uniform. I wear a less-puffy version of pantaloons in black with a dark gray cotton hip scarf, fitted black T with my business name/logo printed on it and plain black work shoes that are half hidden by the pantaloons.

I have dreadlocks. A few piercings and plan on a couple tattoo when I have the money to pay an artist to ink me. I make a lot of my own clothes and jewellrey, so I hope to post a lot here when I finish up a few projects of mine. Sorry for the lack of my own photos. Hope to post them soon!
17th-Jan-2008 08:55 pm - Growing Pains?

Hitting that akward I am no longer a teenager fashion stride. 

17th-Jan-2008 10:30 pm - Yey shopping!
So I spent the day in Providence with a friend of mine, and we went to this ABSOLUTELY AMAZING shop called Bedlam. Its like hidden in the middle of nowhere and is like hot topic circa 1995. its strictly punk, goth, and fetish shit and the guy that works there totally knows his stuff. I tried on line 10 million things but only had 100 dollars to spend so i came home with these gems.

Read more...Collapse )
also, in my last post a few people commented saying they wanted to see my whole closet haha. not to exciting but here you go!
Read more...Collapse )
16th-Jan-2008 08:42 pm
Just a couple of quick pics...

I work in an office with 2 guys and they always turn the air conditioner on, even in the middle of winter, so I bought a sweater to keep in one of my desk drawers.  So here's my "office sweater"...

That's all for today!
16th-Jan-2008 01:58 pm - Attack of the OOTD!
Another outfit of the day! Hemmed the skirt four inches, so it looked a little less...mature, I guess.

I am not a granny yet.Collapse )

Also, hair of the day?Collapse )
15th-Jan-2008 06:58 pm - freshmeat + funny picture
Hey guys, I'm a new member called Spencer who resides in California. I thought I would introduce myself and all. I'm mostly a graphic tee and jeans guy but I do dive into other stuff. Casual city urban style and bad haircuts is my game.    Other than collecting a few band shirts and putting on some accessories, I'm a pretty casual dresser.   I just wish there were more fashion for men.

15th-Jan-2008 05:38 pm
Today's outfit. Wanted to be pretty for my boy's birthday, but he had a bad day at school, and had to work, so he was kind of gloomy.

So cold here in Pennsylvania!Collapse )

Also, here's the bed sheet dress I made. The bodice is kind of awful, I'll have to redo it when I have more patience. I don't think the sheets were 100% cotton, so I had problems.

bahbahbahCollapse )

Think I need to tone my arms a little...ah freshman 15.

My dog, Bea, just turned 10 in January.

p.s. I know the model that is in the ModCloth ads on the right hand side of the posting page! Weird!
15th-Jan-2008 06:02 pm - Some more pictures and a question
sun, tree, girl, nature
Yeeeah m'dears, more pictures from the token English one. Who else is from the UK in here? I'm so used to seeing plenty of American/ Canadian lovelies and next to no UK folk. Anyway! Pictures and the question,

"What/ who shaped/inspired your style?"

The nickel and dime take the street - completely.Collapse )
14th-Jan-2008 01:04 am - omg shoes.
Words :: oh gosh
i got the cuutest shoes yesterday; and my friend suggested that I share <3
and while I'm doing that; maybe you all could give me some suggestions on cute socks & outfits that would look cute with them?

I'm in mega need of a new wardrobe; and I was thinking of getting a grey and black pleated skirt and short sleeved sort of dress shirt for an outfit with the shoes (and maybe some white and pink striped knee highs :P)

I seem to be going through a grey&pink kick lately. I can't help it; they look so cute together X3
14th-Jan-2008 02:29 pm - Sunnies!
luvyourlife peace
Okay I know I rave about my sunnies in every post but I had to mention this!

I was walking through town one day with my boyfriend wearing said sunnies (here they are to refresh your memory)Collapse )

We passed a sunglass store and I saw these in the window...Collapse )

Here in NZ the price tag is $769NZ, I pulled my boyfriend closer and made him take a long hard look. "I'm wearing the grandfather to these glasses!" I said to him, to which he said "wow, I promise I will never make fun of your sunglasses again".

Yeah, thats right! :P
13th-Jan-2008 07:46 pm - Corsets and Concert Wear <3
bite me
Lots of dressing up going on considering TOMORROW'S MY 18th BIRTHDAY! :D

So I went to see Rob Zombie and Ozzy Osbourn LIVE IN CONCERT on the 8th which obviously meant I had to get dressed up - unfortunately I only snapped one crappy picture cause I had to run out the door
and then last night I went out for a night on the town with my friend Sarah, so of course I had to look cute. And while we were out we stopped by the fetish shop and i got an amazing purple corset!
However, I would suggest not opening this post if you have a problem with accentuated breasts or patent leather corsets


American Witch!(Beware of Boobs)Collapse )

Thanks for lookin'!
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