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Style Sluts

Express yourself!

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Express your style!

stylesluts community was inspired by the lack of place where people can freely express themselves, their style, without getting snarky comments or even explicit offenses.

stylesluts is a place where you can post about your style. Whatever it is. Punk, high fashion, casual, rock, sweet, classic, urban...

made by potof_gold

I want to believe style is about expressing your personality. Your looks reflect your character. Everything which makes YOU.

You can post your new Chucks there, the scarf your friend knitted for you for Christmas, new earrings you made/bought/got, your make-up, new haircut and color, new tattoo and piercing! You're making your own purses? And modifications on your clothes and sneakers? You have some good trick to show to people? You're making your own cosmetics and accessories...?

Everything about your style.

No trend depending. Dictated style a.k.a. trend, fashion, will not be encouraged or any kind of criteria for posting.

If you like high fashion and trends, great, but please no comments like "Ah, so demodé!" or "That's so last year!" on the style of the people who don't care about trends.

If you have constructive comment, meaning, suggestion what would be even better, please post it. Those are always welcome!

And if you need some advice or help with your style, you can ask members of this comm, I think they would gladly help you!

There will be ZERO tolerance for disrespect towards other people's personal style!

It's not about competition, rating who's prettier or has better clothes etc. Please save that shit for teenage soaps and rating communities. In both cases you've got variety of choice here on LJ and TV.

We want friendly atmosphere, safe space.

I hope this community is going to result in many new friendships and bond people, also, that it's going to be one very fun place! :D :D


Any snarky, disrespecting, offending and trolling commentators will be banned.

If someone posts a promo of a rating community they'll be banned.

If you are member of a (body, face, personality) rating and pro-ana/pro-mia community you will be banned/not accepted to this comm. Style and make-up rating comms are somewhat acceptable.

If someone posts photos of other members that were posted on stylesluts on some other community/journal without that member's permission you will be suspended for certain period of time and if you keep doing it you might be banned (depends on the 'crime'). And if you post on mocking or rating ones, you will be banned. Please respect other people and that little privacy we have on internet.

(Why NO to pro-ana and pro-mia community members?)


Admin/Maintainer/Mod: mamainak
Co-Mod: ne0ndice

eyeshadowsluts (sister comm)

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